Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Garden ~ 2 0 1 6

We've been working on the Spring Garden 2 0 1 6 for a few weeks now.  We've planted Cucumbers, Zucchini, Okra, Bush Beans, Jalapeno, Ghost Chili, Green Chili, Banana Peppers and Tomatoes {yes, we have a ton from the former chicken yard, but the more the merrier}.

We've weeded, weeded, weeded and weeded yet again.  It's like someone sprinkled weed seeds in both of our yards {probably our neighbor who turned us in for having chickens}  There is still more weeding that needs to be done, it's. Never. Ending....

We get all of our vegetable seeds from Baker Creek.  We've been very pleased with the quality of seed and the reliability of them as well.  One of the other perks of ordering from them is they always throw in a free seed packet.  They are also real responsive to any questions or concerns that you may have about your seeds.

Cucumbers {in the back ground is the bane of our existence PURSLANE}

{either Fordhook or Black Beauty, I love zoodles and sauce, we also love zucchini sliced and on the grill}

Bush Bean {we planted these in the Lasagna Planter we did in the fall}

One of our volunteer tomatoes, no idea what type, but looks tasty.

We did buy 3 tomato plants
{the one on the far right is a San Marzano grown from seed last spring, it survived the winter}

We did order some of the cucumbers we grew last year as the ones we planted this year are looking a bit sad, so we have some as a back-up.  We also order Fordhook and Black Beauty Zucchini seeds, I've already put some more in the ground.