Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Pause In Our Quest to Legalize Backyard Chickens

Today the City of Glendale council decided to not move forward with the ordinance change ZTA 16-02, which was to expand and legalize backyard chickens in zones R1-4, R1-5, R1-6, R1-8, R1-10.

Aldama - Yes
Clark - Yes, but with many restrictions, she wouldn't compromise with getting neighbors permission. She was stuck on lots no smaller than R1-10 (10,000 sq feet or larger only). So basically a no, unless she got her way.
Hugh - Yes
Malnar - No
Tolmachoff - No
Turner - Yes
Weiers - No

Their reasons for no varied between the life, liberty and pursuit of happinesss for those that are against backyard chickens being more important than the few that would actually get chickens.  To if people want chickens they can buy a property that allows them, as if most people in the city can afford to do that, we are one of the poorest cities in the Phoenix Metro area.

What it really boiled down to was the 3 definite no's being concerned with their voter base.  Most of the voter base is in the northern part of Glendale & they live in HOA's...and a stubborn council member not wanting to budge on what she already set her compromise on.

Staff created a map of the city if the chicken ordinance were to go through.  They changed it from a few zones to many more, but no guarantee ALL of those families would get chickens, so the map was sort of deceiving.

What I learned today, it doesn't matter how well you know a council member or even if you are friends with them you can't trust them as far as you can throw them.  They will betray you even if you just went and helped them with yard work or are on a personal level with them.  They are only concerned with their ego and equality only applies to those with affluence.

Ironically, Coop Dreams Camp is being held at Sahuaro Ranch Park the weekend of February 17.  We plan on going still, a lot will be learned and this fight isn't over.  I received a scholarship to attend the weekend and Coop Dreams offered a deep discount for members of our group.

Our journey is not over, but is on pause until we can regroup and figure out what our next step will be.  We've already reached out for another possibility, but it will be a lot more involved.

M & S
Uptown Grange