Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Post Planning Meeting August 17, 2016

The meeting didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I knew our neighbor would be there to put in her 2 cents worth about why chickens shouldn't be allowed and she didn't disappoint.

Pro-chickeners were outnumbered by a group of older people who weren't still at work, trying to support their families.

Their concerns varied from chickens bringing in coyotes, rats and smells to that they moved into an HOA to have rules and that this would supersede those CC&R's, and even going as far as having feral chickens and being allergic to chicken feathers. (snort)

  1. If the coop is enclosed the coyotes don't have easy access to them
  2. Chickens eat rats, bugs and other annoying pests
  3. Chickens don't smell unless their feces are in a moist environment, in our climate they only smell for a very short time, nothing compared to dog or cat feces
  4. According to what was released, this would not change any sort of HOA CC&R
  5. If you clip chickens wings on one side regularly they are not able to fly over any fence
  6. I guess everyone will have to remove bermuda grass, ash trees, and anything else that causes allergies from there yards
One person even mentioned, the individual concerned about HOA CC&R bring over ridden, that property values will go down, the funny thing about that is is that I've heard of people not moving to Glendale because chickens aren't allowed.

Of course there are always two sides to any issue.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Those that spoke were very passionate about their feelings.  However, most of those against will not be around as long as those that are for allowing chickens. 

It was a real eye opener.

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Planning & Zoning Meeting August 17, 2016

Tonight is the neighborhood meeting with planning and zoning legalizing backyard chickens.

The City has scheduled a public meeting to discuss this proposal for Wednesday, August 17, at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at Glendale City Hall, 5850 W. Glendale Avenue. All who attend will have the opportunity to share their thoughts on this issue. The projected timeline for future meeting is:

· August 17, 2016 Neighborhood Meeting @ Glendale City Hall (6 p.m.)

· September 1, 2016 Planning Commission – Workshop

· October 6, 2016 Planning Commission – Public Meeting

· November 1, 2016 City Council – Workshop (The City Council will be provided with neighborhood meeting and Planning Commission input and will be asked to provide a policy direction on this subject.)

· TBD (If necessary) City Council Meeting (The City Council, at their Voting Meeting, would conduct a public hearing on a proposed Zoning Text Amendment that would allow chickens in residential neighborhoods subject to certain conditions.

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Uptown Grange