Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Garden – January 2 0 1 7

It's been too long....

December was a very eventful month. Not only was it the Christmas, but my father fell and broke his hip. Thank the Lord he is okay, he had surgery and is getting settled into his rehab and a new living situation.

I planted seeds back in late September, well, the broccoli and brussel sprouts came up nicely, we are still waiting for them to produce, hopefully soon. We had one swiss chard, one cauliflower & one kale come up and that was it. A few beets came up, but were a sorry excuse…

Part of the problem was I took a tumble in mid-October and injured one of my knees. I already have OA in both knees, but this compounded the pain and it was very difficult to get out to the garden, walk or even do anything (including laundry). I am doing physical therapy to strengthen my core and legs at home, and am now on some meds (much to my displeasure) for the pain and inflammation. In February, hopefully my insurance will approve it, I will be getting injections to add cushion to my knees.

But I digress…

Anyhow, the meds are working a bit, so I was able to get out into the garden and get some seeds planted this past weekend. I planted carrots, spinach, beets {golden & detroit}, swiss chard, kale, bib lettuce & cabbage. After they were planted I took some of our homemade compost and sprinkled it over the top, this should add extra nutrients to the ground and the plants as well. I also sprinkled it around the veggies that are already up hoping to give them a boost.

Grangeman started some Carolina Reapers & I started some artichokes inside of the house, they are starting to take off as well. It’s always an adventure, sometimes in futility but not always, you don’t know until you try.

Living in Arizona, we are blessed that we can garden pretty much 365 days a year. Some Arizonans baby their plants through the hottest parts of the summer {late June through July} to have fall and even winter crops, we’ve not had much luck with this, but of course, we are still learning the ins and outs of having a backyard farm, what works and doesn’t work and because we both work full time it can be a challenge to stay on top of things, but we do the best that we can.

There is a bit of news regarding legalizing backyard chickens where we live, but will save for another post.

Happy Trails

M & S
Uptown Grange