Sunday, July 17, 2016

We're Home

We had a great day in Yellowstone National Park.  Grangeman loved the beauty of it and Doodles thought it was okay.  We got home Friday, and passed the atlas off to Dude who is heading to Alabama for 2 weeks with his fiancĂ©e and to spend time with his grandpa.

My new phone isn't cooperating so at the moment I don't have any pictures to post.

Our garden is still alive, well parts of it.  The summer heat is really hard on veggies.  The pumpkin is still thriving, it appears as though it may have choked out the bush beans, which I am not happy about.  The tomatoes under the shade have done well.

We lost the plum tree, it was under shade, but didn't look too good before we left.  I wash hoping it would pull through, but looks as though it will be returned to the store we purchased it from.  Our Golden Dorsett apple tree has all brown leaves.  We've revived this one once, I'm hoping we can revive it again.

Grangeman has been irrigating most of the afternoon.  The grass was crispy in some spots and green in others.  I ran the lawnmower over it this morning, it's bermuda grass so I know it will perk back up within a week so not too worried about it.  However, it has taken over a few of the raised beds again, so we will need to find another solution for clearing it out once and for all, next to purslane it is the bane of our existence.

We're glad to be home, but so glad we had the opportunity to go on this vacation and see family we haven't seen in years and to even meet a few.  With no chickens to take care of it seemed the best time to do it.

Will post pictures when I can access them.

M & S
Uptown Grange