Saturday, October 3, 2015

Essential Oils (Oh My! The Excitement)

One of my favorite days!!! Well, anyone's favorite day really, at least I think so, getting a package in the mail.

I ordered some new essential oils, I've been buying my essential oils from Edens Garden  for close to a year now. For me they are #1 in affordability and as close to perfect on quality, you can buy through them directly or through Amazon.

If you are skeptical, (I was too) they really do work, we've been using oils for everything: dogs kennel cough (eliminated in 4 days) we used them in a humidifier to help with their coughing, bug infestations, breathing issues, ingrown toe nails, rashes, relaxing or to even make the cars smell nice and of course the house. They really do work, these are just some examples of what we have used them for in the last month.

For a clean smelling house, I normally mix them and diffuse them in the house, placing the diffuser in the most central place. I will also put essential oil drops on a cotton ball and vacuum it up and as I am vacuuming it will leave a pleasant smell (we usually use lemon for this) this helps invigorate us to continue cleaning.

If you are unsure of which brand to go with, make a small investment and test the 2 big brands against whatever brand you are thinking about going with, no pressure from me to choose the same brand that I use, this brand I have found is what my family can afford. The most popular essential oils for beginners are Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint they are usually the most affordable from each manufacturer as well.

The guys call me a witch doctor. Our oldest said the other day, "Mom, I'm not sure how, but whatever is in those oils is taking care of everything." (he scored extra points for that remark) our youngest is waiting for me to bring out the shaking stick with the head on it and do a dance each time I break them out to use...he cracks me up!

Of course whenever I get in an order I have to open each one and smell it! Oh my, I can just never decide which one I want to use first, I become overwhelmed.

I am not receiving any money from them, I wouldn't recommend anything that I wouldn't use for my own family and I would be honest if I didn't care for a product. Also, I do not recommend that you take any essential oil internally, no matter what the manufacturer may say about it being safe.

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