Thursday, November 12, 2015

City of Glendale - Contact Your Councilmember!

We received a call from the assistant to Bart Turner {Barrel District}.  They are requesting that any / all city of Glendale residents that want to legalize Backyard Chickens to contact their council member before the December 15th Workshop.  I would suggest e-mailing that way you have a record, I would also like to suggest including Bart Turner in the e-mail as this is his item of special interest.

ANY RESIDENT IN GLENDALE....This is for any city of Glendale resident please contact your council member even if you are currently allowed to have chickens on your property.  Show support for those that currently are not allowed this option.  

They requested that you send your name, district and address.  HOWEVER, I would only include your name and district if you already have chickens illegally, we don't want anyone else to get into trouble.

If you need help in writing your e-mail feel free to contact me at  You can also reach us on facebook at Uptown Grange.  There is always the option to research some suggestions online as well.  It doesn't need to be anything fancy or technical, just a simple letter showing support of allowing backyard chickens in the city of Glendale on regular residential lots.  If you want to add more, please go ahead, the more information the better.  I wouldn't limit the number of chickens that you are requesting to have on your lots.  We aren't saying a minimum would be good, however, if they allow to few it may put some families that already have chickens in an awkward position. 

Remember Sahuaro District resident's just recently had a council member change.  See the updated map below for your council member.  Also included below is a direct link to your council members e-mail address and their phone numbers.

Councilmember Bart Turner {Barrel District)}
City Council Office: 623-930-2249

Vice Mayor Ian Hugh {Cactus District}
City Council Office: 623-930-2249
Cell: 602-615-7672

Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff {Cholla District}
City Council Office: 623-930-2249

Councilmember Jamie Aldama {Ocotillo District}
City Council Office: 623-930-2249

Councilmember Ray Malnar {Sahuaro District}
City Council Office: 623-930- 2245

Councilmember Samuel Chavira {Yucca District}
City Council Office: 623-930-2249

Glendale District Map 2015


  1. I live right on the border in a county island so I am not a Glendale City resident. Would I be able to at least attend the workshop? If so, what time is it on the 15th and where will it be located?

    1. The meeting/workshop has been moved to January 19 @ 1:30 in council chambers B3. I believe you would be able to attend, but keep in mind that this is a non-voting and non public speaking meeting. Staff is only
      bringing to council their findings so far.

      If you wish to speak about this I don't have any dates for that yet, that will all be determined at the January 19th meeting. It will depend upon whether council wishes staff to continue working on an ordinance or if they decide that it isn't worth it and to abandon the idea completely.

  2. The time is 1:30, but the date has been changed to January 19, 2016. Council Chambers B3 is the room it is located in.


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