Monday, July 4, 2016

Free Ranging Day 5 - Up The Missouri River

HaPpy 4th of July!!

We love America so much that we decided to go through 7 states of it today!!

Left Ponca City, OK at 5:00 am, just outside of the city we noticed fog.  Ponca City is maybe 20 miles from the Kansas border.

The fog was much thicker in Kansas especially just at daybreak.  And hung on a good portion of the morning, even into Missouri.

Was overcast all the way until Minnesota where we got little bits of sunshine into South Dakota.  When we were at least half way through South Dakota it actually got up to 96°.  Got a little bit of rain just before hitting Rapid City.  There was a wrong turn made, so rather than going to Luverne, MN we ended up in Worthington, MN...about a 60 miles detour.

This was at least a 14 hour day...a long long day.  Now we are off to one of Grangeman's high school friends house for dinner.  At least we can sleep in tomorrow a bit before getting our day started!

Grangeman: Kansas, Minnesota, South far....only one more to go for him and he'll have all the states west of the Mississippi.

Doodles & I checked off Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota & South Dakota on our places that we've now been.  We've already been to Montana, although Doodles doesn't remember.

M & S
Uptown Grange - Free Ranging

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