Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Garden Time

We decided since our neighbor gave us lemons by turning us into the city for our chickens we would make good use of our "former" chicken run by putting in a garden.

The soil had sand and chicken manure in it so what better place.  We decided to put in beets (I LOVE beets) swiss chard, carrots, radishes, kale and long beans.  We planted some cucumbers back in late July, and only one is left standing (some critter decided they liked them) so hopefully we will also have some fresh cucumbers this fall.

Now is the time to plant, the window of opportunity to have fresh veggies for your Thanksgiving meal is slipping by very quickly.  You can plant really anytime before it starts freezing, yeah right in Arizona, but the farmer's almanac was pushing me and so was the hubs.

We already have some of everything come up, hopefully the soil isn't too rich because then we will only get a pretty greens with no veggies at the bottom...urg...that would be our luck.

We rescued 2 x 4's and sandstone from two of our neighbors who were throwing them away, (not exactly dumpster diving) the hubs made nice flower beds using the 2 x 4's and since I am short and have stubby legs the sandstone steps make it easier for me to get into the garden bed to harvest the veggies.

The trap you see is the try to keep the critter away from our loan cucumber plant that has survived since July.  This is where we have the long beans planted, at some point the hubs will make a trellis for the beans to climb on.

This is the garden bed that has from bottom:  kale, radishes, carrots, swiss chards and beets.

You know we've tried several times to start seeds in those nifty little peat moss pots and even disks and have not been very successful, planting seeds directly into the ground has worked the best for us. 

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