Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thrift Shopping - The Thrill of the Hunt

For anyone who really knows me it’s no secret that I enjoy thrift shopping.  Our youngest son also enjoys thrift shopping (more than me).  I’m not sure if it is the thrill of the hunt for whatever we are searching for on our list, if it is to find that bargain that you just can’t resist (whether you need it or not) or if we are just cheap.  It is more than likely a combination of all three.

We go to many different thrift shops in the area but I have one that I prefer to go to. The reason, well I’m not sure, maybe because my mom and I would go to this one a lot when I was growing up, I think thrift shopping it’s been brainwashed into us, or if I am just lucky and find stuff there A LOT. 

So over the weekend, I let our son know I could be persuaded to go thrift shopping since it had been awhile.  I honestly don't pay attention to discount days, and prefer to stay away when they have the BIG holiday 50% off everything sales.  This day just happened to be on a day when they were having a 50% off sale on certain color tag items, okay cool, if I find some I find something, if not well, I wasn't planning on any big discounts.  I NEVER get lucky at finding anything I want that is marked or special tagged.

We normally start in housewares, for some reason I always search out black frames, (for my pictures, that I have yet to print and organize, we have no family pictures on our walls, it’s really pretty sad, I have big plans...but that is for another time) white plates or other dishes that we can use for the holiday’s and those elusive large clear glass jars or clear glass canisters with lids…WHY OH WHY are they so elusive???

Next we move on to the furniture, normally nothing catches our eye, I cannot tell a lie, we are wood furniture snobs, we go after REAL solid wood.  We were just browsing, our son had already done a scan of the furniture and didn't see anything, I said, well, let me give a look and I turned the corner and it was like a light was shining down on this one end table.  It was marked $14.99, it was a Lane, I hummed and hawed and thought well for the brand that really is a super price, do we need it, where would we put it, we already have so much furniture...yadda yadda yadda, we pulled it out and wiggled it, it seemed relatively steady, the drawer opened nice, not too many nicks or scratches except the top...and then I realized and said out loud to my son not the whole store, HOLY CRAP....THAT’S A GREEN TAG, which was the 50% off color tag, we both got excited, I felt flush and giddy at the same time….Oh My Goodness …. simultaneously my son and I said “That is going home with us whether we need it or not”… we paid $7.49 for this treasure.

Our son is treating it like it is a brand new piece of furniture, if he catches a glass on it without a coaster under it we get the evil eye and he puts a coaster under it…it is pretty funny.

NOW do we paint it or just refurbish it?

I’m thinking it will be a weekend project while the hub is working regardless of what we choose to do! 


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  1. Great find. I would refinish it so that you don't lose the pattern on top.


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